Dangerous Fruit: from The Blackthorn Trilogy playlist

On Dennis Lowery’s writing playlist for The Blackthorn Trilogy: the song Dangerous Fruit, by Stephanie Schneiderman [licensed for use in this video]. The images are from his project folder: some are his sketches, graphics and cover art developed, and public domain images that fit the tone of the stories.

Note from Dennis:

As story scenes come to me and I write them., something in my head runs that against songs I know and marries the two to that scene and the story I’m writing begins to form a playlist. Sometimes it’s serendipitous and I come across an unknown song or piece of music that fits perfectly. Like one morning with this song.

I wanted to do a brief video using some of the imagery I draw upon and have developed for the story. When going through Animoto’s music library to license with the video (you can select the genre/style/theme), I wanted haunting atmospheric, a bit poignant… since that’s the overall tone of the story and character transformation as events change them. That’s how I came across Dangerous Fruit. And it fit perfectly for both the video and a scene in the story with the two main characters.

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