Short Fiction and Nonfiction

What Our eShorts Are | Dennis Lowery:

Though for our (Adducent’s) purposes we include nonfiction, some traditional perspective on short stories—as fiction—is an excellent way to explain about our eShorts.

A classic definition of a short story: Fewer than 7,500 words you should be able to read in one sitting. Those around 1,000 words or fewer are known as flashfiction.

The dictionary definition is they are stories with a few characters and are concentrated on the creation of mood rather than plot.

Short stories have been recognized for centuries—and are still today—for their deep roots and power. We are drawn to a well-told story, and as William Boyd, an award-winning British author and short story writer has said:

“Short stories seem to answer something very deep in our nature as if, for the duration of its telling, something special has been created, some essence of our experience extrapolated, some temporary sense has been made of our common, turbulent journey towards the grave and oblivion.”

I agree with all the above.

Our eShorts are fiction and nonfiction (creatively crafted vignettes, anecdotes, parables). These nonfiction pieces are usually a brief, revealing account of an individual person or an incident. Occasionally amusing, some are intended as more than just something funny (at least to my sense of humor)… but to show truth or principle.

I find the reading (and writing) of them as entertaining as fiction.

So, I’ve dedicated a page of our website–an eShorts Table of Contents–where we’ll list short stories (fiction and nonfiction). Free to read (even those for sale at Amazon), we (I) offer them to readers to build readership and audience. Important Note: Not all will remain available free permanently.

For now, all are written by me but over time we may include short work of quality from other authors and writers.

I hope you find something to select to enjoy. Over time, the dozens of short fiction and nonfiction pieces I’ve written—on a host of topics and themes—will be added.

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