ORIGIN STORY: The Black Orchid

Creative nonfiction is taking events, facts, history… life… and turning it into a narrative that reads just like a novel. And it can be just as compelling, page-turning addictive and story-immersive for the reader as any work of fiction. When I write of my own experiences and share with others, I always get reader comments about their ‘it was like I was there’ feeling as they read. The Black Orchid was a vignette that elicited many interesting comments from readers (some are shared below).

Dennis Lowery

ORIGIN OF THE STORY: Home on leave, an Army recruiter saw me at a gym in the ring with one of the Navy recruiters he knew. Watching us he commented, “You’re strong and handle yourself pretty good. I know the owner of a club looking for a guy to work the door and floor. You can earn some good side money. Interested?” That night I started at ‘The Black Orchid.’ I wonder sometimes what ever happened to Denise from that club. We had shared that jolt of sexual electricity–that tingling touch that makes stomach muscles twitch and triggers the ache of wanting more–I share in this little vignette. But it’s what happened afterward–her abrupt disappearance–that’s always puzzled me (though I have a suspicion), even now when I hear that song that brings it all back. You can read this creative nonfiction vignette here.

A handful of some of the reader comments (one are two are for mature audiences)…

“Dennis Lowery is a silver-tongued rascal that can make a woman’s clothes drop by his words alone.” –Michelle S.

“No words but wow. I can’t wait!!!” –Roxy M.

“Wow, that’s beautiful, Dennis.” –D. Denman

“Ummm…what a tease” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“I love erotic stories, my Nook e-reader is full of them…this is right up my alley….can’t wait. :-).” –Bernice J.

“Do you have your stories translated in Croatian maybe? I don’t understand every word of English but I can follow it and I think it’s great!” –Irena Udovicic

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