Serialized Fiction | The Taking

A haunting story of the darkest love. A mix of history, folklore, and fiction told in a 9-part serial.

READ ABOUT IT HERE (takes you to the author’s web site where you can also read the episodes.)

“Always left eager and wanting more. Continue to love your picturesque and idiomatic style of writing. Can’t wait for the rest to be told.” –Jaime Payamps

“Thanks for sharing ‘The Taking.’ Each part is just the right size for me to digest over a cup of tea. What I love most about your writing is how wonderfully emotive it is. The reader can’t help but be drawn into the scene. Beautiful.” –Vicki Tyley

“This. Wow… I could feel the terror the boy was feeling.” –Dawn Jackson

“I forgot to point out that lines like this makes an already-intriguing story a greater joy to read: ‘A lilting, soft British contralto interrupted:…’” –Raul Interiano

“When I read your work, I am instantly transported to another world: one of mystery, adventure, and intrigue. I can’t help but want to know what happens next, and can’t stop myself from reading more. Reading Part 3 while drinking my coffee this morning and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.” –Cassidy Brown

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