We know our clients often can more easily tell us their story, so we can write it for them (with all the elements of compelling nonfiction or fiction). And we’ve developed a perfect means to help them.

A unique system for collecting content for their project:

Remote access client dictation services. Call in 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. We provide an exclusive phone number to call and record content for their project. Those recordings/audio files (sessions) are ID numbered, time-stamped, and saved into the Client’s Project Folder each time they call.

We Keep Things Organized

Once a client has recorded a session, it’s just like any other MP3 audio file. We download the file into our client’s project folder and have the file transcribed. Or make it available to the client to use their own transcription service (and provide that transcription to us).

Then Work with the Transcribed Content

The client’s content is then used to rework or reference and incorporate it into their project.


If you’re serious about having a professional writer help you with your book, you should contact me to discuss your project.

Dennis Lowery