This project has aspects of a ‘true account—business—crime’ story. Brought to me by a high profile/highly educated (at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities) former senior executive who served under two presidential administrations. It’s a ‘how it happened’ story and cautionary tale of the ruin of a highly decorated combat veteran and a general officer’s post-military career. They served our country for 30+ years. It should not have happened to them and could have been prevented.

Good writers draw from all of their experiences to create stories that reach people and make an impact. This project is one in which a 17-year career (before 10-years of full-time writing and publishing)—including buying and starting businesses, eight years of M&A consulting with attorneys, investment bankers, and private equity funds—helps give the writing authenticity. And authenticity is vital to readers and what they want in a story (whether fiction or creative nonfiction). The compelling writing of events and circumstances, and the crafting of characters they can relate to as their journey unfolds. Readers begin to ‘feel’ what the characters are going through. Stories that engage readers at that level often leave a lasting impression.

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