Professional Book and Story Editor and Proofreader

Proofreading and editing to take what you’ve written… and make it better.

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Updated 5/1/2023
Professional editor and proofreader. Proofreading and editing to take what you’ve written... and make it better.
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Proofreading starts at $0.025 per word

Basic editing: checking and fixing spelling errors, grammar errors, and simple stylistic edits.


Essential Editing starts @ $0.0375 per word

Includes Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation (the basics), Contextual Spelling (needed for jargon or unique wording specific to a profession or industry), word choice/usage correction and improvement, and limited rework (tightening) of Sentence Structure, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancement (as appropriate and applicable).


    Enhanced Editing, Content Improvement / Rewriting, and Development

    Enhanced Editing Fiction and Standard (Straight) Nonfiction: starts @ $0.125 per word: Grammar, Punctuation, Contextual Spelling, Rework, Rewrite (as needed), and Improvement of Sentence Structure, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancement.

    Or… as applicable, needed, or requested.

    Fiction Story Final Development, Refinement, and Creative Nonfiction: starts @ $0.325 per word: This method includes enhanced editing and additional work to improve the client’s draft (if nonfiction, shaping it to include elements of narrative fiction). Following is the service-level process:

    • Breakdown the original draft, identifying areas to revise, re-write, re-sequence as needed to improve.
    • Edit as needed for clarity, cut down on exposition, and do more ‘showing’ than ‘telling.’
    • Look at word choices, and sentence structure, and vary phrasing; editing to improve the narrative.
    • Make the story tighter and leaner, eliminating as much passive voice as possible. Remove soft wording and phrasing that creates padding leading to a sense of ‘overwriting’ or bloated writing.
    • Re-aligning content as and if determined it’s needed to improve the story and narrative flow.
    • Identify and discuss any story and content weakness or voids with the client and determine resolution, next steps, and action to take.
    • NOTE: Conversion to a different character perspective (to make them the focal point or narrator of the story) or in story Point-Of-View starts at an additional $0.10 per word and can range higher depending on the complexity of the story.

    Contact us with details about what you need help with; please provide the following:

    1. Is your story fiction or nonfiction?
    2. What level of editing [based on the above] do you require? Or do you want to discuss converting your straight nonfiction to a more compelling creative nonfiction or fictionalized account (based on actual events)?
    3. What is the final word count for your draft manuscript?
    4. Is there any specific or critical need date? [Note: this is used as a gauge for us, but all projects are scheduled and determined by our current workload. ‘In-house’ capacity is finite; we do not ‘farm out’ or refer work (which has proved to create quality control issues for us, so we no longer do it), and all projects are carefully scheduled.]

    We’ll reply with initial pricing and if that meets your budget, we will request a review of your manuscript to prepare final pricing and a proposal for the project.

    Final pricing depends on our evaluation of your manuscript or source material (i.e. is the writing clear and well-structured or cluttered and disjointed). Services are usually completed in passes (stages) through the source content, to create a revised and improved manuscript. Depending on size and complexity, multiple iterations in collaboration with the client may be required. All editing requires scheduling in advance. Expedited service might be available–depending on the turnaround requested and current workload–but with a surcharge. Please advise on the timing and need at the time of your request.

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