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A Brief Explanation of What We Do as a Hybrid Publisher

Traditional publishers often overlook or dismiss many books that merit attention… that deserve to be published. And that is understandable because of the economics of their business model. Unlike most traditional publishers, we do not limit our interests to only those books written by famous, proven bestselling authors, celebrities, or hot-fad titles, hot-buzz debuts with a large, established audience and market. We have titles and authors that sell well commercially and others that fulfill our author and client’s personal, professional, or business objectives that sell in lesser retail volume. We also have titles that sell very well to organizations (that would qualify them as ‘bestsellers’ on the bestseller lists). So, a book does not need to fall into a ‘guaranteed’ bestseller category before we consider it for publication. And we have the capabilities of any traditional publisher to bring stories from the manuscript stage to a finished reality as a book (produced in all formats).

For clients, we can also take a project from an idea and concept to a fully developed, professionally written, and published book.

What we offer:

  • A quicker path to publication (and market).
  • Publishing assistance clients/authors retain ALL rights to their work.
  • Interior design and layout (creating the print-quality ‘bookblock’ for production).
  • Cover design and layout (creating the print-quality paperback cover or dust-jacketed hardback production file).
  • Production capability without the necessity for capital investment in large print runs or warehousing and logistic cost.
  • Publication of books of comparable/equal quality to any traditional publisher.
  • Direct sales fulfillment of volume wholesale orders to organizations.
  • Sales and Royalty Quarterly Reporting (with royalties paid monthly).
  • Sales channel availability to booksellers worldwide and fulfillment of retail orders through our distributor, Ingram.
  • If you want to self-publish, we can provide support services, including editing, bookblock creation, cover design and layout, production file creation for Amazon KDP, IngramSpark (or other self-publishing platforms), eBook creation, and title setup support.
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Each prospective author/client’s work requires our manuscript review and approval.

We don’t accept all stories and manuscripts.


Unless it is requested by Dennis Lowery, do not send us your manuscript.

Unsolicited manuscripts will be discarded unread.


Because of our business model (with Print On Demand and Distribution capabilities), we can take on the types of titles many publishers won’t consider. That does not mean we’ll publish any book. There are quality and content standards we use to select who we work with and what projects we undertake.

That being said, we also have the capability of traditional publishers and can print titles in large quantities, warehouse, and distribute them. Printing in large quantities does drive the production cost per copy down but is only feasible for proven–high-volume–consistent demand for the title(s).

We can also create and produce custom or special editions with enhancements such as cover/dust-jacket embossing, illustrated interior endsheets for hardbacks, and other artistic elements.

Ingram is our distributor, and our production and fulfillment services provider is also used by publishers and presses such as:

  • John Wiley & Sons
  • Hachette Book Group
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Macmillan
  • University of California Press
  • W.W. Norton
  • University of Nebraska Press
  • Public Affairs
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Penguin Putnam
  • Holtzbrinck

Our commercial (retail) titles are distributed in

  • North America
  • United Kingdom
  • Western Europe
  • The Middle East
  • South America
  • Australia
  • China
  • India
  • Italy

And global reach is expanding to other regions.

Our help falls into six categories:

  1. Standard Publishing
  2. Publishing Assistance
  3. Private Publication (Book Printing)
  4. White-label / Private-label / Branded Publishing Services
  5. Self-Publishing Assistance (including a turnkey project management option)
  6. Book Development / Publication Project Management

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How we work with authors and clients:

1) Standard Publishing:

We consider this if the topic and author have an established audience and a clear market demand of a defined size, and we think the book is commercially viable. The author must have a fully developed promotion and marketing plan (including an adequately funded budget) that they will execute to create visibility (leading to sales) for their book. This plan must be acceptable to us, and we monitor and gauge the performance of the plan. The author must present us with a clean, completed, and professionally edited manuscript for our consideration (*see more on this below).

2) Publishing Assistance: 

This is an option we offer prospective authors and clients if their audience has not been established, their book has a limited market, or we are unsure of the commercial viability. It’s also applicable if the author is not interested in commercial sales or has limited ability to promote and market their book but wants to get it published or if the book is for family or organizational legacy purposes 

Important Note: Before entering a publishing services agreement, we’ll do an assessment of the manuscript for what editing or work might be required to make it acceptable for publication. We discuss the results with prospective authors and clients and determine–mutually–whether or not to proceed with our services to improve their work. Some authors may also choose the publishing assistance route to expedite (shorten) the process due to time-to-market urgency or to retain more rights to the published work. 

3) Self-Publishing Assistance:

Technology and market acceptance have developed to a degree where self-publishing is a viable and, in many ways, attractive option for authors.

We know all the ‘ins & outs’ of how to publish and, more importantly, how to use the tools of the trade to help clients self-publish. We can provide a complete turn-key a la carte solution comprised of story development & writing assistance, editing, cover, and interior design (for print and eBook versions). Everything needed to take their work and turn it into a properly formatted file(s) for self-publication.

4) Private Publication/Printing:

We can develop guides and books for an individual’s or organization’s internal or external private publication needs. Wholesale prices for volume quantity.

5) White-label / Private-label / Branded Publishing Services:

We can provide the publishing backbone and infrastructure for organizations and individuals with a commercial (retail and wholesale) audience to create additional revenue streams.

6) Book Development / Publication Project Management:

For Self-Publishers and Organizations who want their own publishing brand: We can develop your manuscript and then coordinate and manage all stages to turn it into a publication-ready bookblock and cover for submittal to self-publishing services like Amazon or IngramSpark.

*About Editing

Our author clients can retain a professional editor of their choice to edit their manuscript prior to submittal to us, or we can provide a full suite of editing services (including rewriting and developmental editing of drafts) to make their manuscript acceptable to present for publication consideration.

All other publication-related tasks are handled internally: Book interior and cover layout and design, ISBN assignment, print and eBook production file preparation, and entering the title into our distribution and sales channels.

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What Readers and Clients Have to Say about Our Writing, Editing and Publishing Services. Click to Read.
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