The Benefits of Being a PLOTTER


Here’s a straightforward explanation of the benefits of being a Plotter (versus Pantster) and how planning and outlining a story can boost productivity and improve story quality.

Why Plotting Works:

  1. Clear Roadmap
    • Efficiency: With a detailed plan, you always know what happens next. This saves you from wasting time figuring out where your story is going.
    • Focus: An outline keeps you on track, helping you avoid unnecessary detours and distractions.
  2. Consistent Progress
    • Daily Goals: A clear outline allows you to set specific, achievable writing targets. You can measure your progress and maintain steady momentum.
    • Avoid Writer’s Block: Knowing your story’s direction helps you keep writing, even on tough days.
  3. Better Time Management
    • Prioritization: You can allocate your time more effectively, balancing writing, research, and character development.
    • Meeting Deadlines: With a plan, you can estimate how long each part of your story will take to write, making it easier to meet deadlines.

Enhancing Story Quality

  1. Solid Structure
    • Coherent Plot: An outline ensures your story makes sense and stays consistent.
    • Balanced Pacing: You can control your story’s flow, ensuring it’s neither rushed nor slow.
  2. Rich Character Development
    • Detailed Profiles: Planning lets you develop in-depth character backgrounds and arcs, making them more believable.
    • Consistency: Your characters remain true to themselves, avoiding contradictions.
  3. Thematic Depth
    • Cohesive Themes: With planning, you can weave themes and symbolism throughout your story, adding depth and meaning.
    • Effective Foreshadowing: You can plant hints and clues that pay off later, creating a more satisfying reading experience.
  4. Well-Defined Conflict and Resolution
    • Clear Conflicts: Planning helps create meaningful conflicts that drive the story forward.
    • Satisfying Endings: An outline allows you to craft resolutions that tie up loose ends and fulfill your story’s promise.

Practical Benefits

  1. Flexibility
    • Adaptability: Even with a plan, you can still be creative and make changes as new ideas come up.
    • Easier Revisions: A solid outline simplifies spotting and fixing problems in your story.
  2. Collaboration
    • Feedback: You can get better feedback on your story structure and direction before writing the entire manuscript.
    • Team Projects: If you’re co-writing, an outline ensures everyone is on the same page.
  3. Publishing and Marketing
    • Effective Querying: A clear outline makes your query letters to agents or publishers more compelling.
    • Targeted Marketing: Knowing your story’s key points helps you craft a stronger pitch for readers.

Being a Plotter means you’re prepared and organized, boosting your productivity and enhancing your story’s quality. It’s about having a clear path to follow, making your writing process smoother and more effective.

Do you need help with story planning and plotting? We can help.