Turning Words into Images

TURNING WORDS INTO IMAGES - from Adducent and Karen McCall

One of our writing series is EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY, where I use a photo or a picture as a prompt and create an original story (for our publication or clients).

The flip side of that is using words to create images. With the increasing sophistication of *AI tools, that’s possible with remarkable results. But it takes creativity and the ability to ‘paint’ pictures with words to write the prompt that determines the image. An attribute and aptitude we have.

Our abundant imagination and wordcraft have given readers scenes, settings, and characters they can visualize as they read. Don’t take my word for it. Our website’s Reader & Client Comments page has over 35,000 words of feedback. You’ll find dozens of observations where readers tell us they could see the story unfold like a movie. Their senses came alive as they read. That writing skill helps us create artwork to enhance our original stories. Our AI-Generated work product is licensed for commercial sale.

This capability is also available to our clients for their projects. Want a free test?

*Currently, AI-Generated Content cannot be copyrighted, though transformative work on them can reach a sufficient threshold to qualify. Also, including AI-generated images does not affect the copyright protection of narratives and other visual design work products. A disclaimer will accompany all works we produce that include AI-generated images. We closely monitor legal questions and concerns regarding AI-Generated Content and developments from the U.S. Copyright Office and its new Artificial Intelligence Initiative.

Following is an initial gallery. While these first images are primarily developed for fiction, we’re working on imagery that complements nonfiction, which we’ll add to our portfolio.