PROFILES IN CHARACTER: Sixteen Americans and the Traits That Defined Them

PROFILES IN CHARACTER - Our next nonfiction title (coffee-table-style 8.5x11) coming Autumn 2023.


(paperback coming end of September 2023)

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PROFILES IN CHARACTER delves into individual character attributes that shaped and informed these sixteen Americans in their vital roles in history. What singular attribute gave each of them the strength to take monumental risks for a cause or a belief? Was it an early childhood experience? A family dynamic or role model? Their faith? Readers can glean the difficulty in the life paths these individuals chose—one that threatened high risk and promised high rewards, though not for themselves. That is a true measure of character.

These thirteen men and three women made or changed history. While they are widely revered and respected, none had a perfect life path, but each had strong character. They likely had outside influences that shaped them. Still, each could summon and rely on one unique character trait that guided them to make decisions and take actions that ultimately defined them and their legacies.

Chapter One – Thomas Jefferson: The Persuasive Pen of the American Revolution

Chapter Two – George Washington: Answering the Call of Duty

Chapter Three – Robert E. Lee: Abiding Loyalty to Virginia

Chapter Four – Abraham Lincoln: Empathetic Reconciler of the Painful Divide

Chapter Five – Harriet Tubman: Audacious Emancipator

Chapter Six – Frederick Douglass: Fearless in the Fight for Freedom

Chapter Seven – Susan B. Anthony: Unwavering Commitment to a Higher Calling

Chapter Eight – Theodore Roosevelt: The Eternal Optimist

Chapter Nine – Amelia Earhart: A Competitive Spirit

Chapter Ten – Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Confidence in Times of Crisis

Chapter Eleven – Dwight D. Eisenhower: Full Accountability

Chapter Twelve – Harry S. Truman: Courage Alone to Decide Mankind’s Future

Chapter Thirteen – Jonas Salk: Altruism for All Humanity

Chapter Fourteen – Martin Luther King Jr.: Lifting Others Through Love

Chapter Fifteen – Ronald Reagan:A Vision of Peace for Our Times

Chapter Sixteen – Billy Graham: Unifying People Around the World