THE 12 STEPS To Boundaryless Success


From the depths of my life’s path of growing up with few resources and little hope; building success only to watch it almost all crumble; fully recovering from a brain tumor and a paralyzed arm; and surviving a private plane crash, I understand how life often presents people with two choices: stay stuck or find a way forward. My journey as an overcomer has given me a gift: the opportunity to lead others to live hopeful, expectant lives that realize their purposes. Reflecting on my journey and experiences, I realize there is no roadmap to success. No road signs in life tell you which route to take. Discover your own. The good news is you can learn how to do just that. Reading this book will help you find the path leading to your version of success. –Brett Oubre, THE 12 STEPS To Boundaryless Success.

“Success is an innate desire, yet it eludes many in life. My experience has taught me that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Brett K. Oubre has discovered valuable success principles through personal and professional hardships that will inspire everyday people who feel stuck in the middle to attain unimaginable success. 12 Steps to Boundaryless Success will provide real, relevant, and practical steps to achieving goals and obtaining success.” —John C. Maxwell

“Knowing Brett K. Oubre for several decades, I have witnessed his ability to move forward and his desire to lead others with him. Brett passionately believes success is a process, not just an event or a couple of attempts. Success requires a series of deliberate steps leading to goal accomplishments and well-being. 12 Steps to Boundaryless Success is a game changer. It is an exciting, highly engageable read outlining the execution you need to find your way forward! Now that you’ve taken the first step (by reading the book) make the commitment to follow these life-changing concepts.” —Bryan Flanagan, CEO, Flanagan Training Group, Former Director of Corporate Training, Zig Ziglar