ABOUT The Quondam Series

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Adjective: What was but is no more. Belonging to some prior time.

Noun: A person dismissed or ejected from a position.

Each character in the stories is formed by those definitions. The stories are narratives of what once was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to what might be ‘to come’ that is good or bad. The future is in flux and depends on people shaped by their past. Will Good triumph over Evil? When it has failed in the past, the Dark Times—and the malevolent—reigned.

When What Was Hidden… is Revealed

One Advance Reader of early versions of the stories (under different working titles) that form the series foundation said: “Character-driven and atmospheric adult fiction that blends history and legend with the tension and intricacies of contemporary society and events. Compelling and complex characters. Thoughtful, evocative, and page-turning; a story that promises to be well-told.” They’re not the only ones to offer that opinion. The premise and early versions of the stories proved so powerful that we have dozens of other Advance Reader reviews/comments and feedback on the core stories. We’ve planned the development of expanded versions of them to form this new series and to continue it with new stories.


‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

Edmund Burke

“For the sleeper, when she awoke, learned she was not who she thought… at all.”

–Dennis Lowery, The Quondam Series [from The Quondam Agency backstory]

More to come as the series is developed by Dennis Lowery and co-author McKenna Foel with stories beginning in Summer 2024.