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What We Do For Them
Fiction, Nonfiction, Commercial and Personal Story Development
  • Book Length
  • Essay / Vignettes
  • Personal / Legacy Projects
  • Images-into-Stories
  • Novellas / Short Stories / Flashfiction
  • Branding Stories / Corporate Histories
  • Business Fables for personal and organizational improvement

Dennis Lowery has had two projects (creative nonfiction and a novel) for clients optioned for film rights or screenplay development.

IMPROVING – Proofreading, Editing, and Rewriting, including Ghost(re)writing

Taking what’s been written… and making it better. Proofreading, editing, and rewriting–including ghost(re)writing–Services. We can also convert standard nonfiction into compelling creative nonfiction or a fictionalized account of the story.

Book Development Project Management

For Self-Publishers and Organizations: We can help develop your manuscript and then coordinate and manage all stages to turn it into a print or publication-ready bookblock and cover.

  • Publishing Assistance
  • White-label / Private-label / Branded Publishing Services
  • Self-Publishing Assistance (including a project management option)

Not only do we help develop, plan, write, ghostwrite, and publish stories and books… we also develop and create story art for clients (individuals, organizations, self-publishers, other publishing companies, marketing, and public relations services.

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