Providing them with writing, ghostwriting, rewriting / improving / editing, story & book development and or publishing services.

Their book projects are Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction, Memoirs, and Novels. The topics range from Social & CulturalGeopolitics, Leadership, Education, Self-Help, Business, Military, History, to Career and Life.

A Note About Repeat Clients:

Eight have done two books (one client is a 4-novel series project, we’re on book two), six have done three books and one has done four books.

  • Scientist
  • 2 Medical Doctors
  • Major General, US Army
  • 2 CIA Officers (retired)
  • Retired / Renowned Artist
  • Chief of Staff, US Senator
  • Colonel, US Army (retired)
  • Gallery owner/Art Dealer
  • 3 Captains, US Navy (retired)
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • Deputy National Security Advisor
  • 2 Rear Admirals, US Navy (retired)
  • Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Senior VP of a Fortune 500 Company
  • 3 Vice Admirals, US Navy (retired)
  • Major General, US Air Force (retired)
  • Major, US Army Intelligence (retired)
  • US Senator and Congressman (retired)
  • Major General, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • President of a Nonprofit Organization
  • Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • 5 University Professors with Doctorates
  • 4 Attorneys (with specialized practices)
  • Renowned Artist/Art Historian & Dealer
  • 2 CEOs of NYSE/multi-billion-dollar companies
  • Plastic Surgeon, renowned Physician of the Year
  • 2 Lieutenant Colonels, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Former Special National Security Affairs Advisor
  • Entrepreneur Who Sold Her Multi-million Dollar Company
  • Managing Director (global business advisory and expert services firm)
  • General, US Marine Corps (retired), former Assistant Commandant of the US Marine Corps
  • Former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and principal military advisor to the Secretary of State
  • A graduate of the Afghanistan Military Academy and a Soviet Union Trained Fighter Pilot (who defected to the US)