UNION STATION [Short Fiction]

UNION STATION (2023) Short Suspense Fiction by Dennis Lowery and Adducent (writing, ghostwriting, editing, and publishing services.

This story—in our EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY Series—resulted from discovering the public domain photo used in the cover and including it in one of our ‘Pick a Picture Get a Story Written’ contests.

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Beth lived two lives… one in the light, one in the dark. They started and ended at Union Station.

It was 1943… dark times with a world at war…

It was the kind of murder the police don’t put more than a token effort into investigating.

When a friend is killed, and Beth finds she’s next on the killer’s list, she has to take things into her own hands. Despite the risk of her secret life being revealed… she must avenge her friend and defend herself.


“Thanks, this is really interesting. Beautiful descriptive prose.” –Doug [commenting via Facebook message] Douglas Preston is the New York Times best-selling author of 26 novels and several nonfiction books on history, science, exploration, and true crime.

“Vivid and sensuous storytelling, Dennis.” –Vicki Tyley

“You are pushed forward on a ‘fated’ path… all those intricate details… Is this a movie?! You try, but you cannot untangle yourself… amazed at the turn of events… and a deeper layer shows.. which is painful… and I love it! Thank you, Michael [a reader that shared the story with her], for introducing this great writer … expanding our lives!” 🙂 –N. Azadi

“As usual, it was extremely well written. I, as I am sure was true for most readers, felt your detailed descriptions enabled me to picture a scene in my mind as if I was actually watching a movie! You very effectively kept the reader on seat’s edge in the final pages of the story, wondering how everything would play out. And the ending with – DELETED SPOILER PART OF THE COMMENT- was an absolutely brilliant touch on how to bring the whole story to closure.” –Jim Zumwalt. James G. Zumwalt is the internationally bestselling author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields, The Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty, and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking.

“Just finished reading Union Station, Dennis. For a short story, it packs quite a punch. The characters are well developed and believable.” –Hazel Payne

“You did an excellent job with this one, Dennis. You really carved a complete story…” –Michael Koontz

“I love this. Thank you for sharing.” –Dawn Hart Jackson

“Awesome!!! –Susan Gabriel

“Love it!” -Kim O’Brien