If you need professional advice, consulting, and guidance on writing, story development, and publishing or self-publishing, we offer fee-based consulting with Dennis Lowery.

We have a lot of experience you can benefit from affordably.

  • Story Premise & Concept Development
  • Planning, Structure & Plotting
  • Character Arc Development
  • Story/Project Consulting
  • World (Series) Building
  • Writing & Co-Writing
  • Editing/Improving
  • Ghost (re)Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Publishing

Got an idea you’d like to turn into a story (fiction or nonfiction) and want to brainstorm it and add some ‘meat’ to the bones? Let us know. We can turn your simple idea into a complete writing plan, including story beats and outline (which you’ll own the intellectual property rights to). Need a story ‘universe’ and codex created? We can do that too. We can give you the framework to follow when writing your story.


If you want to approach the execution of your story idea as professional writers do… we can also help you evaluate your idea and determine the commercial viability of its genre and subgenre.


We can produce detailed reports (based on top-selling books, genres, and subgenres) that you can use to fine-tune your story and writing. These are the same Write-To-Market reports we generate and use for developing, planning, and writing our stories. ‘Write to Market’ means understanding what readers crave and tailoring your writing to meet those desires. It’s about hitting that sweet spot where your creative idea is shaped to meet market demand. Contact us for an example of our reports. Here’s what they consist of.

Comparative Title Analysis:

  • Assessed Revenue for the Top 20+ Selling Books in the Genre and Subgenres
  • Specific Title Strengths & Weaknesses Breakdown
  • Specific Title Discourse Breakdown
  • Specific Title Thematic Breakdown
  • Specific Title Structural Breakdown

Genre / Subgenre:

  • Market Intelligence Report (Overview)
  • Market Trend Study
  • Reader Demographics & Psychographics Analysis
  • What Readers Need & Desire (Audience Feedback)
  • What Story Elements and Qualities Readers Specifically Look For
  • Critical Success Factors (for Fiction or Nonfiction)

The information comes from a combination of qualitative analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling using a combination of historical Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble reviews, historical customer reviews and ratings, market research, on-site analytics, key element analysis, social media insights, and any other historical insights to provide a deep understanding of the reader’s demographics, interests, psychographics, and sentiment toward books in the genre and subgenre.

Our consulting services can help you plan, plot, develop, write, and edit:


  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Business and Career Related
  • Self-Improvement / Inspirational
  • True Story: Crime / Life / Adventure
  • Memoirs / Biographies / Autobiographies


  • Suspense | Action/Adventure | Thriller | Noir
  • Horror | Fantasy | Supernatural | Paranormal
  • Contemporary (post-World War II to present day)
  • Historical (millennia ago up to World War II Era)
  • Science Fiction (past, present, future, or alternate-history)


In your request, please give a brief description of your project and if you want to schedule a 30-minute call or longer. We’ll reply with a quote and the next steps. As an alternative to using our contact form, you can send an email to

Need longer-term support for your story or book development project? Contact us about lower rates for long-term consulting and project management.

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