THE LIST OF NEVERs by McKenna Foel


The truth doesn’t always set you free… sometimes it can kill you.

When a young FBI agent discovers a symbol linking a cold case to her family’s tragic past, she embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the truth, only to find that the answers could threaten her life and reveal who—or what—she truly is.

Twenty years ago, five-year-old Elin’s father vanished without a trace, and her mother was brutally murdered, the killer NEVER caught. Raised by a distant grandmother who disapproved of her biraciality, Elin grew up with unanswered questions and a determination to find answers.

After joining the FBI, Elin’s dreams of solving her family’s mysteries are dashed when she’s assigned to the Records Management Division. When an unsolved missing-person-turned-murder cold case crosses her desk, featuring a photo of the victim with an odd mark above their left breast, Elin is forced into a confrontation. Told to ‘process it and move on,’ she can’t. The mark, unknown to investigators, is identical to one of the four symbols on a pendant owned by the woman she swore she’d NEVER see or speak to again: her grandmother.

Her grandmother, a harsh woman Elin thought fearless, pales when told the circumstances and questioned about the symbol. She warns Elin to NEVER ask again and sends her away.

Then, a still-angry Elin receives a call that her grandmother is in critical condition from a series of strokes. Desperate for answers, she arrives in time to hear cryptic last words as her grandmother—who disliked touching—grips her hand: “The hunters… they found your father… NEVER reveal what you are….”

Stunned, Elin returns to work and discovers another cold case. This victim’s chest is marked by another of the symbols. She suspects the murders and other missing persons cases she finds are linked to her family’s tragedy. Her grandmother’s last words echo in her mind, the warning about what she is, not who. An unexpected bequest from her grandmother—a property in Wychaven, Connecticut—reveals an even greater, darker secret about her family and herself.

Determined to unravel the tangle her life’s become, Elin’s private investigation turns deadly, exposing a hidden past and threats lurking within it. She’s forced to confront truths she was NEVER prepared to face.

And the truth could kill her.

More on this story and series to come…