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STANDFAST: Your Story, Our Mission
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You’ve got a story. A good one. The kind that only a few can tell. You’ve served. Seen things. Done things. You’ve got tales tucked away. It’s time to share them.

Enter STANDFAST, a story development service and publishing imprint from Adducent focused solely on veterans of the military, special operations, and intelligence community. Been in business since 2000; we know stories. More importantly, we know how to tell them or help others tell their story. You’re not a bystander in this… your experiences… they’re gold. You bring the story. We bring the expertise. Writing assistance or ghostwriting if needed, editing, publishing—we’ve got it all. And can put it to work for you.

Why? Because your stories aren’t just personal. They’re lessons, legacies, and a heck of an adventure. They’re about honor, sacrifice, and what it means to serve.

This is about more than just books. It’s about bringing your story to life. It’s about making sure your voice isn’t just heard—it’s felt.

So, if you’re ready to tell the world your story, STANDFAST is your means to make it a reality. Let’s do it.

Your Story | Our Mission

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