A Point of Pride

This is a bold-faced yet fact-based brag. Well, maybe better said, it’s a point of pride statement. My company has worked with many veterans, men, and women in government, the defense industry, and intelligence communities. And I’m incredibly proud we’ve helped bring their stories to life through our services.

– 2 CIA Officers (retired)

– Colonel, US Army (retired)

– 3 Captains, US Navy (retired)

– Lieutenant General, US Army

– Deputy National Security Advisor

– 3 Vice Admirals, US Navy (retired)

– 2 Rear Admirals, US Navy (retired)

– 2 Assistant Secretaries of the Navy

– Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)

– Major General, US Air Force (retired)

– Senior VP of a Fortune 500 Company (defense industry)

– US Senator and Congressman (retired)/Army veteran

– A Former Special Forces Officer and Lawyer

– 2 Major Generals, US Marine Corps (retired)

– 2 CEOs of NYSE/multi-billion-dollar companies (defense industry)

– Former Special National Security Affairs Advisor

– 2 Lieutenant Colonels, US Marine Corps (retired)

– CEO of a Washington DC-Based Business Development & Strategic Planning Firm (government and DoD)

– General, US Marine Corps (retired), former Assistant Commandant of the US Marine Corps

– Former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

– Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Principal Military Advisor to the Secretary of State

The list could go on with those we’ve worked with in business, legal, science, medical, and educational professions (many of whom are also veterans). All of whom have great stories and information to share. We’re also proud to have played a role in their story and book development and publication.