NEW NOVEL | Eight O’ May


A Fiction Imprint

Justice delayed is justice denied.” But what if the demand for justice reveals a shocking truth that could ruin your life?

After finding part of a newspaper article about his uncle’s racially motivated death in Mississippi, a series of strange coincidences triggers Charlie Dawson’s search for answers regarding that decades-old event. When his mother ends up in the hospital for emergency surgery, he flies to his hometown to see her. He wastes no time trying to peel back the layers of secrecy to understand what happened decades ago, and discovers it’s his family who clings tightest to the truth. Not willing to leave and just let it go, Charlie gathers information from the townspeople, dredging up old memories and events better left forgotten… or better left hidden. He didn’t expect to uncover that his family’s shared history with the murderer—if revealed—could reach through the years and wreck his life.