HARKEN [Fiction]

Val discovers the truth about her family. How her real father and twin sister died, and about her mother. Val learns she unwittingly holds the key to finding a cache of art lost for centuries and worth millions.

That key also reveals clues that lead to the location of secret documents from World War Two. Evidence that could destroy a corrupt global business empire and a burgeoning political dynasty that covertly spans and influences nations. That’s who murdered her father and sister and almost killed her mother. It’s who has ruined her life—such as it was—and now will kill her to keep their secrets.
To save herself and her mother, she must decipher the clues to find the secret documents and the treasure hidden by her ancestor.

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HALF [Fiction]

I came across the photo used for this story cover. It made me wonder who lived and worked in that shop on that street… and that led to this little story for my daughters (and perhaps for others to consider its meaning and maybe share). If your life feels less than full… consider what the young woman in this story decided to do.

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ABOUT: The Shape of Memories


That’s all Robert Sterling, a once renowned photojournalist, had to help him redeem and resurrect his life from two years lost in a drunken downward spiral. Was the young girl he could only see through the old camera his mother had left him a ghost haunting him from a past he had spent decades burying? Did she exist, or was he going crazy just as his mother had forty years ago? He had to return to the small town he’d left nearly four decades ago to find out. Back to where he found and lost his first love. Where when he was 18 years old, someone tried to kill him for what he’d done.

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