A creative company that provides writing, ghostwriter and ghostwriting, writing improvement, story & book development, and publishing services. We work with clients internationally, and several have appeared on PBS NewsHour, 60 Minutes, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and other TV and radio shows nationally and in their local markets.

Our authors and clients are Admirals, Generals, other high-ranking military, CEOs and Senior Executives (including former CEOs, Chairmen, and SVPs of multibillion-dollar NYSE companies), retired members of Congress and the United States Intelligence Community, Foreign Policy & Defense Industry Professionals, Government / Intelligence & Security Agency Professionals, University Professors, Scientists, Doctors, Surgeons, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals with high standards of quality and expectations. As of this writing, we have 83 titles commercially or privately (legacy or organizational versions) published as of this writing. Thirty-five books ghostwritten or co-written for clients (14 nonfiction, 9 memoirs, and 12 fiction). Fourteen books redeveloped or rewriting done to improve or convert to creative nonfiction or fiction. Six books (4 novels, 2 nonfiction) project managed for post-writing pre-publication work and client guided through self-publication. Two books (a novel and a creative nonfiction work) optioned for screenplay development. A Note About Repeat Clients: Eight have done two books, six have done three books, one has contracted a 4-novel series (we’re on book four), and one has done five books.

“For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre



Taking what’s been written… and making it better. Or turning boring nonfiction into compelling creative nonfiction or a fictionalized account of the story.


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