If you don’t want to hire a writer but need professional advice, consulting, and guidance on writing, editing, story development, and publishing or self-publishing, we offer fee-based consulting with Dennis Lowery. We have a lot of experience you can benefit from affordably.

We can also edit and improve what you’ve written.

ADDUCENT - Writing-Ghostwriting-Publishing Services
What we’ve done and what we do for client

Our consulting services can help you plan, plot, develop, write, and edit:


  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Business and Career Related
  • Self-Improvement / Inspirational
  • True Story: Crime / Life / Adventure
  • Memoirs / Biographies / Autobiographies


  • Suspense | Action/Adventure | Thriller | Noir
  • Horror | Fantasy | Supernatural | Paranormal
  • Contemporary (post-World War II to present day)
  • Historical (millennia ago up to World War II Era)
  • Science Fiction (past, present, future, or alternate-history)


In your request, please give a brief description of your project and if you want to schedule a 30-minute call or longer. We’ll reply with a quote and the next steps. As an alternative to using our contact form, you can send an email to Admin@AdducentInc.com.

Need longer-term support for your story or book development project? Contact us about lower rates for long-term consulting and project management.