PROFILES IN CHARACTER - Our next nonfiction title (coffee-table-style 8.5x11) coming Autumn 2023.

Our next nonfiction title (coffee-table-style 8.5×11) coming Autumn 2023.

Character is the unique set of moral and ethical qualities that define what you believe in, what you stand for, and what you expect of yourself and others. This book focuses on one dominant character trait that drove the success of these sixteen historic American figures and one unique attribute that influenced them above all others. These sixteen were famous for their decisions, accomplishments, or leadership. But that is not why they are included in this book.

Each made decisions at great personal risk or lived a life of selfless sacrifice. Some exhibited a consistent and enduring belief that informed their decision-making and commitment to that decision; the resulting action had worldwide and historical consequences. Some lived their entire lives serving others over themselves; in so doing, they influenced generations of people.

  • Chapter One – Thomas Jefferson: The Persuasive Pen of the American Revolution
  • Chapter Two – George Washington: Answering the Call of Duty
  • Chapter Three – Robert E. Lee: Abiding Loyalty to Virginia
  • Chapter Four – Abraham Lincoln: Empathetic Reconciler of the Painful Divide
  • Chapter Five – Harriet Tubman: Audacious Emancipator
  • Chapter Six – Frederick Douglass: Fearless in the Fight for Freedom
  • Chapter Seven – Susan B. Anthony: Unwavering Commitment to a Higher Calling
  • Chapter Eight – Theodore Roosevelt: The Eternal Optimist
  • Chapter Nine – Amelia Earhart: A Competitive Spirit
  • Chapter Ten – Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Confidence in Times of Crisis
  • Chapter Eleven – Dwight D. Eisenhower: Full Accountability
  • Chapter Twelve – Harry S. Truman: Courage Alone to Decide Mankind’s Future
  • Chapter Thirteen – Jonas Salk: Altruism for All Humanity
  • Chapter Fourteen – Martin Luther King Jr.: Lifting Others Through Love
  • Chapter Fifteen – Ronald Reagan: A Vision of Peace for Our Times
  • Chapter Sixteen – Billy Graham: Unifying People Around the World