EVER VIGILANT | Leadership and Legacy, by the Executive Chairman of CACI


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From Dennis Lowery:

My company, @Adducent, enjoyed working with Jack London on his title: CHARACTER: The Ultimate Success Factor and were sorrowed at his passing last year. And we’re honored to work with his wife, @Jennifer London, on Jack’s memoir: EVER VIGILANT | Leadership and Legacy, by the Executive Chairman of CACI. The title is now available.

Dr. J. Phillip ‘Jack’ London was Executive Chairman/Chairman of the Board of CACI International Inc (NYSE), a $5.7 billion technology solutions and services company with twenty-three thousand employees in 155 offices worldwide. During his twenty-three years as chief executive officer (1984–2007), Dr. London built CACI into a leading information technology and network communications services company.

Dr. Jennifer London holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the Ohio State University and postdoctoral education in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh School of Business. She has a diversified background in strategic planning, business development, executive hiring, development, and outplacement, as well as marketing and community relations. Along with other services, Dr. London’s consulting firm evaluates and develops potential customers nationwide to expand markets for companies ranging from private businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.