FORTUNE FAVORS BOLDNESS (paperback version released)

FFB paperback version from Fortis -- An Adducent Nonfiction Imprint

“Whether or not you are interested in our military, U.S. history or just plain life lessons, this factual, detailed and intense book of what transpired after 9-11 should be on your list to read. It will also serve as an amazing tool for anyone in a leadership or teaching role… or if you just need some simple guidance in your daily life. Vice Admiral Costello is outstanding in his attention to detail with not only a very personal look from his perspective but from dozens and dozens of others – and recreating those very important moments in our history. It is awe inspiring, it will bring tears to your eyes, but also smiles to your face and your heart will swell with appreciation and gratitude and pride for all the men and women serving our country – people like Petty Officer 3rd Class Chad Runge whose letter is printed on page 145/147. Yes, it’s a must read for everyone including those who may be thinking of serving our country… and maybe more importantly for those who don’t think it’s their duty.”

–Amazon review

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