Things I Heard Myself Say

THINGS I HEARD MYSELF SAY by Eli Bouluous and Dr Curtis Odom


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Things I Heard Myself Say (ISBN 979-8986085906) as a concept is a book meant to deliberately plug into the zeitgeist of the modern workforce. This personalized career journal is our effort to give you as a prior reader of Things I Heard My Professor Say what you have not had before. A book that gives you a place to ask yourself interview questions and the space to capture your answers in a private personal journal to use over and over again as you navigate your career. And by having time in advance to think through your answers to these questions and prompts, we can help you prevent that awkward moment in your next job interview when you would have given a less than authentic answer and then had to listen to yourself not speak your truth.

In your hands is the book you told us that you wanted and needed. Things I Heard Myself Say is a curated collection of quotes, questions, prompts, and your answers. It is your personalized career journal created in part by you as the reader that is full of tested conversation starters for a candid interview with the person you need to know best – yourself. Listen closely to your own answers.

About the Authors

Eli Boulous

Eli Boulous is currently a Client Services Associate in the Manager Development Program at AlphaSights in New York City.

Hailing from a diverse and unique upbringing in Easton, PA, Eli has spent time growing and developing himself in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia while working in a variety of industries, including finance, technology, and real estate.

Formerly an employee of the UBS Investment Bank, marketing technology startup-turned-public Braze, and BDR of the Year at Gremlin Inc, Eli now commits his time to helping new members of the workforce discover their own definition of ‘success’ as they look to provide greater leadership for the communities they serve.

As the co-author of the books Things I Heard My Professor Say and Things I Heard Myself Say, Eli focuses on leveraging themes such as authenticity, empowerment, and personal development to uplift his peers and build the next generation of leaders!

Dr. Curtis Odom

Dr. Curtis Odom is an Executive Professor of Management in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

Educated as a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Odom’s experiences as a management consultant inform both his research and teaching philosophy. Curtis believes that learning should be experiential and participant-centered and seeks to motivate, inspire, and instill in his students a sense of ownership of their learning journey. His ability to connect academic content to workplace and workforce context is born of a 20-year industry career as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, management consultant, and executive coach.

Away from Northeastern, Curtis is an international award-winning business transformation executive and acclaimed management consultant who provides pragmatic advice, coaching, and guidance to company executives, senior leaders, and management teams. He is often called to lead targeted business transformations by helping iconic organizations compete both more effectively and efficiently or make a strategic pivot. Curtis partners with his clients often during the bold, seismic shifts that an organization must make to both accelerate and execute change and strategic growth beyond typical measures or incremental advancements. Prior to his industry and academic careers, Curtis served on active duty for 10 years in the United States Navy, which included being deployed during Operation Desert Storm.